Sukirti Kandpal instagram Profile

This page you have visited has been compiled from the shares that Sukirti Kandpal published explicitly in the instagram. Sukirti Kandpal instagram uses @kandpalsukirti username in the . Currently 1146 has video and photo sharing. There are also 158.000 followers and 92 followers. Sukirti Kandpal may request that the page be removed from the site by contacting the site administrators via the contact page. Sukirti Kandpal is 29 years old, her hair color is black and her eyes are black. Sukirti Kandpal is 1.63 and weight is 50.

Sukirti Kandpal Born:  1987/1988 (age 28–29)
Sukirti Kandpal Nationality: Indian
Sukirti Kandpal Occupation: Model, actress
Sukirti Kandpal Years active: 2007–present
Sukirti Kandpal Title: Miss India Worldwide India 2011 and Miss Bollywood Diva

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